Buy a sauna

Top 10 Reasons to buy a sauna

1. Personal Relationships

When taken together with family, friends or a loved one, a sauna provides quality time to enjoy each other’s company and to have fun.

2. Health

It is a well known fact that sauna bathing improves blood circulation, increases metabolism, removes impurities through the skin, and reduces muscle aches. Saunas are known to reduce stress because of the calm nature of bathing.

3. Fitness

The health benefits apply also to fitness. When taken after a workout muscles start to recuperate right away. The next workout will feel more comfortable, and less time is needed between workouts.

4. Respiration

You should never go into a sauna if you are ill. However, when a stuffy nose persists, the steam and heat will help to clear it out. A little eucalyptus aroma in the steam water will help those irritated sinuses and ease coughing.

5. Weight Loss

Sauna should not be used exlusively for weight loss purposes. However, increased blood circulation and perspiration burns calories equal to the amount consumed by light jogging.

6. Property Value

Saunas are considered luxury items that hold a great deal of value. You can expect to get back double the amount you paid for your sauna, when selling a property with a sauna.

7. Respect

Arouse the envy in your relatives and neighbors when inviting them over for a sauna.

8. Tax Incentives

Did you know that if you claim that you purchased your sauna for medical reasons, such as back ache relief, you can deduct the full amount of your purchase, including installation costs, from your personal income tax as medical expenses! (check your tax code)

9. Convenience

Where can you go to get away, but go nowhere at all?
In a sauna of course! Make it a habit, twice a week take a sauna in the evening before turning in.

10. Low Usage Cost

You can enjoy your sauna for pennies. Lets make a simple calculation. Say you have a 5’x7′ sauna with a 6.0 KW heater. Lets also assume you have a typical electricity charge of $0.116/KWH. The heater heats up at full capacity for the first hour. That’s 6.0KWH x 0.116 = 70¢ for the first hour! If you choose to have the heater on for an additional hour, the heater merely maintains the temperature in the sauna, and might spend about 2.0KWH of energy. That’s 2.0KWH x $0.116/KWH= 23¢ for the second hour! Your total cost for two hours of sauna bathing is 70¢ + 23¢= 93¢. So you see the operating costs won’t kill you even if you live in a high electricity cost area!