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Saunas from the great land of Finland are perhaps the best soothing and relaxing things you can use. I lived in Finland for over 3 years and every year since 1999 I keep going back. Mainly for great friends and sauna fun.

That may sound odd to anyone outside of Finland, mainly because most saunas are in Sport Gyms. Normally, friends don’t go there to chat, relax and have fun. But in Finland, saunas are in EVERY home, all gyms, all work places, all apartment complexes. Everywhere you go there are saunas and thats no lie. Benefits of Sauna are crucial to learn and in fact this website will guide you through that with ease.

My first visit to Finland everyone went to the sauna like there was a party. Coming from America the only time I went to the sauna was after going swimming at the YMCA as a young girl. But in saunas in Finland, took on whole new meaning of “taking a sauna”.

I’ll take you through my journey of using a sauna, rules of the sauna, sauna tips, sauna advice and other usefuls sauna tid bits that you will enjoy. Saunas & Steam baths are important for your health..

One Tip!

I suggest you try taking a short sauna then jumping into a pool or lake and take another 10-15 sauna. It feels great!

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