Sauna Party

Sauna Parties

I bet you never thought there could be a party in a sauna, right? Well think again. There have been parties in saunas since the Finns made them 🙂

My first sauna party was very fun but of course I didn’t know what to expect. Before when I took a sauna it was after swimming at the YMCA just to get the body relaxed. I wore my bathing suit and I had my towel. The time that I was in the sauna did not last too long, just around 15 minutes maximum. As a youth, it was much less 🙂

In Finland, well its the complete opposite. So the first sauna party was filled with drinks, as most Finns like to keep hydrated with beer, cider and water. After the drinking moments everyone took their clothes off, grabbed their small towels and walked into the sauan with their drinks.

Because I was with a large group they went in batches. I didn’t get in first because I wanted to do everything right! I finally realized that there is no right or wrong way to take a sauna.

Anyway, after the Finns hopped into the sauna for about 10-15 mins they would come out have a couple of drinks, jump into the lake (always a lake nearby at the cottage) and swim a little. After they come out of the lake they go back into the sauna for round two of the normal Finnish sauna.

I didn’t take the swim the first time because I was in SHOCK of this procedure. But I can tell you it did look fun and tempting. But I had never gone skinny dipping before this sauna party so, I needed time 🙂

Well after the second round of the sauna that was pretty much it for the first batch of people. I took my clothes off and joined without the swimming experience! The fun thing about Finnish saunas is taking your drinks inside the sauna and talking with friends!

I suggest you try taking a short sauna then jumping into a pool or lake and take another 10-15 sauna. It feels great!

View a picture of me below. Going swimming in ice water without a sauna. Later I do but before no..

The Finnish Experience

My best friend in Finland is not feeling too warm 🙂