Sauna Health

Sauna Health

Most Finnish people take saunas for relaxation and their health. There are many myths about saunas and how they can help keep you healthy. The fact is, it is healthy to have a sauna for many reasons than one.

Some people think if they have a sauna they will lose weight because of the amount of sweat that your body lose. Yes, you can lose weight but its more of a temporary weight loss method.

Wrestlers, models, bodybuilders and boxers use a sauna to lose weight in short periods of time obviously because it can be done more rapid. I wouldn’t suggest doing this everday just for losing weight but it can be done.

Sauna’s are also excellent for your skin. After being in the sauna for a long time it probably feels like you’re a prune but your pores open up and your skins gets better.

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Facial Sauna

If you rather have a sauna without the extras for your face you probably should purchase a facial and foot portable sauna. In the winter, these portable saunas are great for your skin during the dry months of winter and the cold. Here is a picture of a face/foot sauna below.

Relaxor FS8P Facial/Foot/Hand Sauna

Sauna Belts

Sauna belts have been used for losing weight. It has been proven to work. In fact my mom wears one before she begins to work out and she has seen a dramatic increase. View all of the sauna belts at Ebay.