Using Saunas

How do you use a sauna

Well using a sauna is really easy but there are some things that you should note before going into a sauna. It took me a while to understand the real importance of using a sauna because in the USA you just jump in and get out. In Finland, it seems like there is an art to using a sauna 🙂

Here are some important things before using a sauna

1. Rinse your body down or shower before entering

2. Take a small towel to place under your body when you sit in the sauna (bacteria reasons)

3. Remove all of your clothing and unnecessary items

4. If you have wood heated sauna make sure there is enough wood. All others set the temperature to about 140 -190 Degrees (min). There is no right/wrong temperature depends on your comfort

5. Take a drink if you like to keep hydrated. Before or after

6. For maximum sauna relaxation measure take a small branch from a birch tree. Dip in water and slap it on your back for a number of times. Not too heavy and you will feel deep penetration for your pores.

sauna picture

Most Finns recommend number 6 for the best sauna experience. I tried it and they are right it is soothing. There is something about the birch tree that opens your pores and gives you a nice feeling during the hot sauna.

Also, its recommended to take sauna twice a week. Traditional Finns have a sauna every Wednesday and Saturday evening.

There are a number of things Finns don’t recommend while using a sauna

1. No Talking (During Christmas traditional sauna)

2. No Farting

3. No Sleeping

4. No Drinking

5. No Eating

This sauna recommendations are based on traditional sauna uses so long ago. The story was started during Christmas time when kids come into the sauna and would talk. Parents wanted a peaceful sauna, so they told the kids if they weren’t quiet mosquitos would come and bit them.

Needless to say it kept the kids quiet.

The other tips are suggested but not exactly a fact but obviously good manners are appropriate in all saunas worldwide!